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Which Flower Has Branded Itself?

1-terry-in-biking-jerseyn Business as in Life, anything that is like every

thing else just blends in – it’s not noticed. This is

why branding Is So Critical to Your Success! Most

of us are programmed by our families, friends, and 

society to be, think, and act like everybody else. And our own ear of 

being rejected – our own desire to be accepted – makes us afraid to

stand out, to be different, to be unique.

Yet being unique and noticeable and remembered is exactly what

differentiates us from our competition. Research reveals that even 

negative publicity makes you far more memorable than no publicity at all.

So, even if to some people you may appear to be to flashy or to brash, to

most of the people you will at least be remembered which in and of itself

makes you unique. One of the key principles of marketing is to















differentiate your persona, your online presence, and your product(s) 

or service(s) from all of your competition.  If you don’t, why would 

anyone even want to choose you over your competition. And even

if they did, they probably wouldn’t remember you or your company.


Creating a Brand Identity Starts With:

1. We need to give ourselves permission to be fully who we are in

all aspects of our business. We identify and embrace our authentic

selves – our unique self – who we are, our personality, preferences, and

quirks, our actions, our passions, how we relate, and and how people

feel after we’re gone or they experience your products.

2. We need to define our unique personality, who we really are, and

let that mold our marketing if we want to build maximum brand appeal

and attraction for our prospects and customers. We unabashedly reveal

our positive, authentic, quirky most likable selves, with even some faux 

pas, and weaknesses, because people have more respect and empathy 

or people who aren’t afraid to be transparent. Confidence without 

arrogance and direction without condescension are key leadership traits.

3.  We need to use every opportunity to permeate our brand into

our entire marketing program and drive our brand identity

constantly and effectively. We establish our personal brand identity

and project it through logos, themes, slogans, colors, goals and 

strategies, so we become positively recognized, remembered, and

preferred by prospects and our customers.

The following Action Steps can simplify the process:

4. Promote You – Promote Yourself 

Show people what you look like with your picture on your website, in

your webinars, on your fan pages, and on your   press releases, 

announcements, brochures, posts, PDFs, e-Books, registration pages,

and every marketing piece you create. Help your prospects and

customers see you as a friend rather than a faceless website, email 

address, and webinar.











Use your physical appearance or accent or height, or your

laugh, or even a caricature drawn up so your brand is unique

and special.

5. Take time to brain storm the answers to the following

question:  What makes you stand out? Whether people

have spun that positively or been critical of you for it, use it 

anyway – it may be your greatest asset.

6. Ask your friends, family and your customers what they

find unique about the way you serve them. You can poll

them directly to find out what they like about the way you run 

your business and deal with them. Their answers may help

you see what sets you apart from your competition. People

soon forget everything plain vanilla that blends into the 

background, but they’ll remember you when you stand out

from the crowd. There is only one you. Even if someone 

copied your business in every detail, there would always be

the one key characteristic in your business they could never 

recreate. That one thing is you!

7. Be enthusiastic, excited, and passionate about yourself, your

company, your goals, your plans, and your products. The funny

thing is we all think we are being overly dramatic in our speech,

our gestures, and the expressions we use to present ourselves.











Studies show repeatedly that even when we think we are being over

the  top that some people don’t even think we are excited or

passionate at all. In other words, step it up a little. 

Nobody gets excited and ready to take action unless you are

excited and are passionate about them and are helping them move 

forward in their lives. You have a solution, and even more, you have

very possibly the very best solution to their needs, their, frustrations,

and their pain.  Let them know you believe that fervently. A few

people may think you are too dramatic – but if you are passionate for

the right reasons because you want to make a difference in people’s

lives – then let them think what they want. But be assured – most of

the people aren’t going to respond to your excitement and become 

excited with you unless they feel your commitment and passion.

That’s when they decide to join you. And let’s not forget  they have

to buy into us, our belief, and our excitement about what our

product will do for them before they ever decide to trust us and

buy our products.

Never stop branding yourself,





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