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Totally Automated Marketing Is Here! 

           - and Here's How It Works!

by Terry Kent
After you started using your first high speed computer with all that memory, 
and high speed internet, did you think wow there's no limit to what I can do 
with this world-class computing power? And then, maybe, in the midst of 
your amazement, you may have 
dreamed - I know I did - if only I 
could download all I know about 
my job and and  take my comput- 
to work and have my computer 
do my work for me? You've 
probably thought about that a hundred times. I have! Working from home 
in my internet businesses I dreamed for years of the day when I could 
program my computer to do my internet marketing setups for me and run 
everything for me by automation. 

Then, I thought - everyone could do that too. But, the bosses and the 
companies everyone worked for, could just say, if the computer  can do 
your work for you, then it can do your work for the company without you.
And they would buy more computers, and lay every person off that they
could get away with, and just have the computers do the work without you
and without having to pay you. And that is happening everyday at a faster 
and faster pace. 

The idea of full employment again, and everyone working who wants to, 
including all the new college grads. is a great idea. But it has a major snag! 
Companies are just investing in more computers and laying off more people.

But it is possible for you to harness the high speed computing power and 
internet for you and your family, if you are willing to do one thing! Totally 
Automated online businesses are here and as it has happened for me, it 
can and will happen for you. 
This is how it is working for me:

For my automated businesses it:  
  1) Pulls in massive prospects constantly, 
  2) Shows them my webinars & products, 
  3) Issues a Call To Action to customers 
 I've been totally automated for several 
years now! I can can be snow boarding in 
Colorado, kite boarding on the Columbia, or skiing in Grindelvald in the 
Swiss Alps, or hiking or mountain climbing, or vacationing anywhere in 
the world my family wants to, and my computer keeps it all humming, 
and my automation system 4) deposits all my sales proceeds into our bank 
accounts on auto-pilot, and 5) it auto-emails my information products to my 
customers. And I just monitor my automated system a few hours a week. And 
my family and I are free from the drudgery of 40 + hour work weeks, 50 
weeks a year, putting up with a boss or work associates I would rather not 
while I work for "da man"!!

And Guess what? You can do that too. What you'll need to do to do that is
1) You may need to learn how to set up and run a home-based online 
business, And if you aren't already working from home, 2) you'll have to be 
willing to develop a transition plan and setup and work your home-based
online business  part-time, until you are able to s   and make a transition 
from working for a company away from home (and giving up commuting 
everyday - could you make that sacrifice?) But you know what - you CAN 
make it happen, if you want to. 

There are at least three huge reasons why you may want to think about 
it: 1) Future Job Shrinkage and Massive Cost Savings: As you plan for your future amidst 
these rapidly changing times, you may decide you are ready to 
consider other options for work and lifestyle. For example, if you 
drive for a living, computer automated cars and trucks will soon 
eliminate most driving jobs. And there are a host of careers that 
will be impacted negatively as more automation happens.You may 
want to Google "worst jobs for the future". 

    In addition, calculate how much money you will save on gas, car insurance,
office clothing,  lunches and drinks after work - it could be more than $500
a month, far more the cost of  Starting and operating your own business
And if you have young children or plan to have, you can save $1000-$1500 a month
on child care alone. Forbes reports that childcare today costs more than college. 
2) Ready for a lifestyle change: You may already have thought 
about, maybe even researched, the possibilitiesof starting your own home based business, or expanding your bricks and 
mortar (storefront) business onto the internet, and eventually phasing out of 
your bricks and mortar business to create more freedom for you and your family.
And time - the time you svde 
can help you relax, stay destressed, instead of rushing out the door and rushing home., 

3) Low Risk - low cost Transition:  If you've considered at all how it could all happen, you know that you can start 
a home-based online business on a shoestring without all the financial risk and without quitting your job. 
You can start part-time, and when your income is strong and stable, you can put in your 2 week notice.

But one major question remains. What kind of business would you setup, and how would you get
started? And how could you pull it off knowing almost nothing about online marketing?

 Well, here's where my and my team could play a part. We teach and coach new marketers who are just 
starting their own part-time home-business, and also experienced pros, all the 
tips, tricks, and techniques of setting up and running an automated 
webinar business! It's a lot simpler and the average person can do it much 
faster than you would imagine. 

That's what I've been doing for several years now, ever since all the 
software resources became available to be able to totally automate home 
webinar businesses. And guess what - you can do it too. I teach people at 
every level how to do it. I would love to open your eyes to how easy 
and fun it is, and how your life can be totally transformed with umlimited 
income as you scale your business larger and larger. It's - all automated, 
of course, and once we help you set it up, you will have unlimited time to 
do all the things with your family you always dreamed you could do, and 
you now have  location freedom too, because you can check on your 
business from anywhere in the world on your laptop - all you need 
is a internet connection. And, of course, you'll have an assistant by then, 
who can call in your webinar master to reset anything that gets cranky - 
it happens now and then.  

And remember one of the really cool things about online business - it costs almost 
nothing to startup or operate, because you already have your computer and your 
internet connection.

So We Just Set It Up and It's Totally Automated Webinar Marketing

What makes X100 Auto-Magic Automated Webinars so amazing is that the 
webinars are recorded and play at the times you set them to play, your traffic 
funnels attract prospects to watch, those that want to buy your training tips, 
techniques, and secrets (usually about 10% to 15% want to) enter their 
information, your sales are automatically processed and deposited to your 
bank through PayPal, and your information product is sent to them - and it's all 
step-by-step linked and done totally automatically. 

Webinars Convert 10 Times More Sales and Up To 100 Times Higher 
Prices For The Same Exact Products Than Websites or Blogs Ever Do!

So there are no limits on the income you can make. Adding X100 Auto-Magic 
Webinar business or starting one from your home in your spare time can 
deliver at any level you are willing to build it. All you do after you are set up 
and making sales is simply add more sales funnels over the months.

We show you how easy it is and since it is all automated, you can run your 
webinars every day with hundreds of prospects watching from home or on the 
run on their desktops, iPads, or smart phones. The more funnels you set up = 
more prospects watching your webinars = more conversions and still manage 
it in just a few hours a week. Your income can grow exponentially - a 6 figure 
annual income, even 7 figures is very attainable. Very few people know about 
the potential and the amount of money many entrepreneurs are making in 
their automated webinar businesses. 

No Other Internet Business Can Compare To Automated Webinars

Why would you ever want to borrow money or mortgage your home to buy a 
franchise or start a bricks -and-mortar business, then work 18 hour days? If you 
quit your job to do that, you put a noose around your neck, because the clock 
is ticking as you burn through your start up capital. If you run out of money 
before your business is producing enough income too pay your monthly nut, 
and make the profit you need, you end up closing up shop, and slaving for 
years to pay back what you've lost. If you do survive - 92% fold within 2 
years, and 98% within 10 years - you've created a 12 to 16 hour work day 

Starting an automated webinar business is dirt cheap! You already have your 
computer(s), and and you're already paying for your internet access, you don't 
need to borrow any money, you can work at your own pace setting it up, and 
you can just grow with it as you desire. And what's wrong with only having to 
put in a few hours a week once you're set up, monitoring your automation and 
tweaking as needed. 

Total Financial, Time, and Location Freedom Can Be Yours

Now, here's the whipped cream, and the nuts and the cherry on top! Not only 
can you compound and multiply your income to the level you desire, but you 
can have total time freedom. Where can you ever get that working for 
somebody or some company? Never Ever! You have the time to get to know 
your family, have fun together, and travel together! Isn't that why you have a 
family or want one - so you can actually be together as much as you can? 

Now, here's even more whipped 
cream! Are you ready to stretch your 
legs like my wife and I love to do on 
an evening stroll in Siena, or in Paris 
or London? Or maybe drive along 
the Amalfi Coast  or the French 
Riviera, or cruise the Seine past the 
Eiffel Tower, or take in the Louve, 
or catch a water taxi on the Grand 
Canal in Venice or cruise the Greek islands and relax in a hilltop villa in 
Santorini? You see,  you don't have to stay home to run your business. You 
just connect on Wi-fi in your hotel or cruise ship a few times a a week to 
monitor your business! 

You are free to live where ever you want as long as you want. You can run 
your business from almost anywhere. Just find a place to connect to the 
internet on your smart phone or iPad once in a while. Could you get used to 
this lifestyle? 

This Is Your Invitation to Explore Other Possibilities For Your Life 

X100 Auto-Magic Webinars is a License to Print Money, Using Cyber Power 
To Create Your dream income, and if you desire, your family empire. X100 
Auto-Magical Webinars is your Opportunity to Earn, and Give, and Live the 
Life of Your Dreams!! You can start and operate a part-time business from 
Your home using only your Computer and the internet. It can start 
pumping money Into Your Bank Accounts every day While You live the life 
you always dreamed of. 

Watch the video and see if you don't agree 100%. Click HERE to learn more. 


1-terry-in-biking-jerseyTerry Kent is the founder of Vayio Webinars and the author and 
designer of X100 Auto-Magic Webinar 2.0. He has over 20 
years experience as an internet marketer, blogger, information 
product creator, author and speaker, and helping budding 
marketers learn the ropes and active marketers up their 

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