The New Hyper-Tech World of Automated Webinars







by Terry Kent USA

1-terry-in-biking-jerseyWE ARE ALL OVER AUTOMATED WEBINARS!!  

We know them inside and out – the Irresistible, Mesmerizing Power to Attract, Engage, Excite, Impassion, Instruct, and Coach Internet Marketers – from Newbies, hungry to reach the top NOW, not in 5 years, and to Gurus, who are are ready to launch an even faster medium to build 7 and 8 figure incomes! 

Everything is automated – prospects rush into our traffic funnels, follow every word, image, video, testimonial, and case study in your webinars, hurry to click and join, excitedly wait while their payment is processed, and the money is deposited into their your bank accounts, and their your information product is delivered to customers completely on auto-pilot – all 100%, without you lifting a finger, done by automation.
When you add the amazing power of automated webinars to your bricks and mortar business, webinars can announce, advertise, display, network, meet and greet, build relationships, and cement prospects and customers to you and your business like nothing else. You may even regret ever starting or investing yourself into a bricks and mortar business career that holds you and your family hostage financially, is a major time suck and devours your family time and freedom because it shackles you to the 19th century business model. I’m talking about 40-60 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, until you try to retire broken and mostly broke. It doesn’t have to be like that. 
 You have a whole lifetime ahead of you – is this the lifestyle you really want for yourself and your family?  Let me suggest that you add Automated Webinars to your career/business plan, and maybe even start exploring how fast you can pivot to starting and scaling a home-based (almost zero overhead) information product (delivered by email) automated webinar business that can provide the financial freedom (income security and scaling to any level you choose)  and the  lifestyle that automated webinars offers.
If you start or add a home webinar business, it can transform your life forever. Can you say “Just a couple hours a week to manage my webinar business?” Can you say “Yes – how soon can I quit my job and start living the life my family and I are truly meant to live.”
Once we set up your webinar, your traffic funnels, and your automation it only takes a few hours a week to manage your business! Again, think #WebinarFreedom, #FinancialFreedom, #TimeFreedom, and #LocationFreedom! 
Time and Place Freedom? Yes, because you can easily manage and grow your business with just a laptop from anywhere in the world. Work on your business on your laptop remotely a couple hours a day or not at all. And just plug into the internet when you want to check your stats or make updates. Financial, Time, and Location Freedom are all here.
I can’t wait to show you how and why automated webinars are the perfect way for all businesses to engage their prospects and customers magically, and why starting your own spare-time automated webinar home business can transform your life!
Let me show you how easy and fast  you can become financially free in the auto-magical world of webinar automation!
And don’t worry about how you develop your own information product – you already have it inside you. It’s the amazing bag of tips, tricks, secrets, techniques, and strategies you have learned and applied that are the foundation of your success, that tens of thousands of men and women working in your career niche are hungry to discover and master so they can advance their own careers.
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1-terry-in-biking-jerseyTerry Kent is the founder of Vayio Webinars and the author and designer of X100 Auto-Magic Webinar 2.0. He has over 20 years experience as an internet marketer, blogger, information product creator, coach, author and speaker. He works with budding marketers learn marketing tricks and helps seasoned successful marketers radically scale their businesses through simple and advanced automation techniques. 

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